Monday, November 3, 2008


So yes I can do more then just shop at a crop!!!

the above layout is not done - I want to write a story in the full area - so this one is a work in progress.
what a looker the write up along the star edge says that no matter what he might get into Alex always gives this look of "Who Me?"

I had a lot of fun working on this page to start it is a picture of my in-laws wedding picture. I distressed everything from the clean crisp photo and paper - i was asked if that was the original - It's a copy the original is safe and sound.


Wendy Wintersgill said...

Are my nephew and niece cute or what,Carrie these pages are fabulous please show them to Trish!!!BRAVO!!!!!LOve and Bearlyhugs wend

scrappaleica said...

carrie, I have your wooden objects from the crop, I tried leaving you phone messages, and I haven't heard from you. give me a call okay?
Leica Forrest

April D said...

I love the Love layout!